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Bringing a pet to the veterinarian's office can be a challenge for pet owners with limited mobility, restricted transportation, or commitments at home that make outside errands and other activities difficult. Pet owners with multiple pets, very large dogs or no means of transportation may also have difficulty bringing their pets in for examinations and other veterinary care, and some pets simply do not do well in a traditional office setting. 

You may not know that Total Pet Care offers house call visits as well as transportation services. 

If you would like we can come to your house and provide everything from vaccines and examinations to euthanasia when the time is right to let your pet go.

We also offer transportation services for your pet to and from the clinic if you have difficulty getting your pet into the clinic.

Please be aware we generally only schedule these appointments Monday through Thursday and we require at least 48 hours advanced notice to schedule the appointments.

If you have questions please call our office at 419-861-4474 

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